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Thread: I feel like i'm spamming

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    Default Re: I feel like i'm spamming

    Life has been getting pretty crazy for me. I've been running a garage side business for several years now, started doing a few one off parts for people on here and with the advent of Facebook it's taken off. I just don't have enough spare time now to fulfill every order people would like to get, but it's been fun turning out some incredible parts.

    I have somewhat regular contact with Kayin. His health is not very good, but he's still going. I actually managed to go meet up with him over the Christmas holidays last year while I was in Tennessee. Cool guy. Wish I lived a lot closer.
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    Default Re: I feel like i'm spamming

    I have to be honest. I lurk around here more than I post. Been on this forum since 2007. Completely enjoyed watching the work logs. The site is different than it used to be and fewer people are into case modding. I was sad when the site went down for a while and glad when it returned.

    I painted a couple old beige ATX cases black, took pictures with the intent to post them, but the end result looked so amateur that I'm not sure I want to expose it to the world. It gave me a new appreciation for folks who can make things like that look good.

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