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Thread: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Man, absolutely awesome work, I'm also loving that top you got on there, and the fact that you felt it necessary to change your whole mounting setup over 1/2 mm. That's the kind of detail I love to see.

    +rep to you sir
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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Great work so far, looking forward to more progress on this.
    Quote Originally Posted by SXRguyinMA View Post
    Now, off to the basement to do some fiddling with the rods and such.
    so far left of center i'm in right field

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggoofy View Post
    Totally diggin' the HAF cutout on the top. Keep up the excellent work.
    Thanks! Will do =D

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Hey everyone! Got another update for ya! I finished up the brackets I started at the end of last update and made the case sturdier with a gusset and a shroud through the bottom case. I am very pleased with the build so far! I also am stoked to announce that Primochill and Mod/smart are officially going to sponsor the build! I hope to have some of that in the next update! Also Cooler Master is going to sponsor the build with the new VSM750w semi-modular power supply! I plan to sleeve it up with Mod/Smarts new MaxCord paracord, and I will be painting the connectors copper! Thanks to these sponsors for helping make this case mod awesome!

    Now that I let you in on the great news, lets get into the update!

    First off Ill show you the brackets I fiber glassed to fill all the holes. They almost look like they came stock this way =D

    I decided to use rivet nuts instead of rivets so I can screw the case back together with bolts now.

    Now I had a nice neat bottom box ready.

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Next I made a gusset for strength using acrylic and aluminum cube standoff/nuts. My machinist is sending me the jig to make these and I should have them available for purchase soon after an overwhelming demand for them! Please visit my Facebook Page and leave a message for details. Ill leave a link at the end of the update!

    Just that little gusset alone made the case really rigid! Next up was the shroud which will have a small window to show the side of the power supply, and also will have my solid states that I use mounted on it.

    First I cut the shroud to size and marked lines to make my bends.

    After the first bends I sized it up to mark the excess to be cut off with the router.

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    I had to make a notch to clear the lip on the right side. It ended up fitting really nice, then it was time to bolt it down.

    I marked off the cube mounts and got them all on.

    Once they were on I got it into place. marked them off on the case and then bolted it in.

    It fit like a glove and came out cleaner than I expected. =D

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    While I had it tore down I added some U-Channel to the bottom panel on the top case that I cut out. It is without a doubt the best U-channel I have used. I left some slack because I will be coating it in white PlastiDip and the last time I did that it shrunk the U-channel a bit.

    Last I stacked up the case and took some photos of where I am sitting at =D

    Well that is all I have for now! Thanks again so much for checking out the build progress! Remember to check my Facebook modding page Clockwerk Case Mods for daily updates and to inquire about the aluminum cubes I will be offering very soon! Take care guys until next time!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Hey everyone!! Sorry for the delay in updates on the forums! I had an update prepared for last week and ended up moving my workshop from the pool house area to the garage for the summer and I collected some tools and had a huge organization break. So now I am back at it and it is smooth operator! Aluminum cubes are still available at Clockwerk Case Mods, just send me a PM for information! Alright now on with the updates! Lots of goodies came in and I started some of the cool details that will be in this mod!

    First thing is first, huge thanks to my awesome sponsors! You guys are really making this build extra special to me!

    Alright now I want to show you the goodies that came in! First up my power supply from Cooler Master! The newly released semi-modular VSM750w Gold Rated Power supply. I wrote up a little review, check it out >here< Next update I will have it all sleeved up with the Mod/Smart MaxCord I am about to show you!

    Alright now on to my Primochill & Mod/Smart parts!

    Bright white MaxCord paracord!

    Kobra sleeve for the sata signal cables.

    Connectors for making custom cables.

    Heatshrink to match.

    LED boards for the numerous single wired LEDs I have going into this build.

    Many bulkheads! Ill be custom painting them copper =D

    More revolvers than the wild west!!

    All the fittings I will be using.

    Can't connect the revolvers without PETG! Originally I was going to use copper tube and I was only using PETG behind the scenes to connect the bulkheads but I have a little surprise for my tubing later on!

    Can't forget the awesome selection of Primochill Intesifier Sicle Colors! That's all I can say about them though!

    Alright that's all the parts for now! On to the labor =D First is the LED trim, I use 1/4" acrylic stock and painted the face copper and drilled the ends for 3mm LEDs. Last night I ended up masking them off and painting the top for a more fuller look and the light will show out the bottoms.

    Once they were drilled and cut, they got hit with paint.

    Then I glued them to the side panel with my acrylic cement.

    It looked great but you could see some air pocket of glue because the stock wasn't perfectly flat. So I decided to tape off the panel and repaint the face and paint the top side as well, then clear coat them.

    I am glad I did that it made the copper effect more bold.

    I also glued my IO panel together. once I have my GPUs I will cut the holes for them.

    I also made a front bezel, I am going to redo it a little smaller to make it sit flush in the gap between the 2 original bezels but I can show you how I made it. At this point I decided I am going to use the copper paint instead of actual copper panels as I would prefer everything be the same color rather than real copper and not match exactly.

    Here I started with the acrylic trim.

    Then I cut some copper I had and painted it copper...copper on copper lol

    Once that was all set, I dropped it in to make a nice framed copper panel. I am going to try to trim a little off to make it fit, if that doesn't work I will just remake one, it was easy to do.

    The last thing I want to show you really quick is the interior mid plate bulkhead placement, I was going to drill and mount them but I want to wait until I have the corresponding piece of hardware to line up the fittings as close to perfect as possible. I think its going to look pretty amazing, you can get the idea if you use a little imagination =D

    Well guys I tried to load this update with photos for you since I had a delay between posts, I hope you enjoyed the update! Should have another juicy update for you in a little over a week. Oh yeah dont forget to check out my page Clockwerk Case Mods to get daily photos of whats going on in the workshop! Thanks again for checking out the build, take care for now =D

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Quote Originally Posted by Orangeclockwerk View Post
    I hope you enjoyed the update!
    Yes, Thankyou!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Quote Originally Posted by OvRiDe View Post
    Yes, Thankyou!
    Very welcome!!

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