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Thread: Doom3 Cube project

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    Default Techno rust project

    Hi guy !! i am Gnublog i like your website
    it cool i will talk off my project it a doom3 cube
    pc case, my pc it not a beast but it for change the look
    of my standard case excuse me for my english
    is maybe bad because i speak french i would put some
    watercooling system what system you suggest me ?
    and how do you use the spyrex as doom3 mars city project
    see you later for update.

    post scriptum : how i put some picture in my thread ?

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    Default Re: Doom3 Cube project

    I speak some french so I will have a try, here it goes *crosses fingers*

    Vous devez accueillir vos images au-dessus de l'enchaînement, sur une image accueillant website. Est votre cas un atx ou un cube standard?

    There, hope nothing is wrong

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    Default hi

    i will start my project today !! that will be an atx cube
    like the custom test rig will be 14 " x 14" but 12" the side of
    the cube with doom3 custom exterior i will give you some news soon !! good bye

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    Default hi everybody

    i have started my project this weekend but i realized how it not if simple
    when you don't have any expérience just painting experience

    anyway i have change of idea that will be an techno rust case mod
    project the name will be Techno-Rust project because i like techno element
    like the matrix or another movie like that or the mod mechanic is very nice !!
    i will try to make a good rust effect that will be in mdf the frame of the case
    recover of mdf it my enermax tower how i will do a tuning job see you soon
    bye bye !!

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    Default Re: Doom3 Cube project

    i was planning on diong a rusty cube case. see this guys one it is amazing.

    give us some pics, i want to see how it turns out. (maybe only modgods like piloux can do it lol)

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