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Thread: 12.5" lcd?

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    Not sure if this is the right section for this, but here's my problem:
    I have several vintage computers that i would like to punk into modern day computers. Unfortunately, The screens for these old computers are usually around 12.5", which has proven to be very difficult to find in regular VGA. If i am to keep the original frame to the screen (most of these computers I have are sort of "all in one" machines), i would have to either find a reasonably priced 12.5" screen, find a piece of software that would allow me to re-size the display of a screen that just happens to fit into the casing, or (the worst option/most difficult for me) make a new frame to accommodate a larger screen. The problem with the last option is that I would have to make this new frame look convincingly old - as if it was an original part to the computer.

    Here is the computer case I would like to use, hereafter "Unit 1":

    The monitor's housing measures exactly 12 3/4" Wide x 10 2/16" Tall.
    The monitor's frame ID measures exactly 10 1/4" Wide x 7 3/4 Tall.

    Here is another unit I can use, hereafter "Unit 2".

    Its monitor frame ID measures exactly 9 3/4" Wide x 6 3/4" Tall.

    Though this unit isn’t very interesting, it has the benefit of a larger face area free of obstructions within which I can place a larger screen. This of course, would only be useful if I can find a way to resize the display through software or the monitor's hardwired, firmware features (OSD). Upon further research regarding software that allows the user to change display geometry, I discovered what is referred to as "Display Data Channel Command Interface" (DDC/CI). Apparently, not all screens (or graphics cards?) are DDC/CI capable.
    This would be a good time for me to mention that I have also explored the option of putting a laptop (which I have several of, but only about 4 which are decent enough for such efforts) inside the case instead of a custom built PC. The one and only laptop I have whose 15” screen will fit inside Unit 1’s monitor housing is not DDC/CI capable. However, I do not know if this completely removes the possibility of changing the display’s geometry via software.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: 12.5" lcd?

    I always wanted to do a hackintosh build inside an original macintosh, but they have an odd sized screen. Now that I'm looking on ebay I'm seeing some good solutions.

    I would keep looking on ebay. Some 12" LCDs might show up at some point. Look more at the inner dimensions of the cases you have and then cross check with what you find on ebay. I know AMD has overscan/underscan options, but that shrinks and re-interpolates what the pixels are. It would be better to have a 1:1 pixel mapping but cut off the area (or usable resolution) to match the opening of the cases you have.

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    Default Re: 12.5" lcd?

    I recently needed to obtain some small (say, 6-8") CRTs to refurb a nice old analog oscilloscope. I could've made it work with digital display panels, but that would sorta defeat the entire purpose of running an analog unit.

    Hard to find, old CRTs. I found many at the municipality electronics recycling depot, but most were in poor condition and all of them were far too large for my purpose. Same thing in the electronics pile at the local dump (technically illegal to take things away from there, but I planned to be sneaky). There's a few on ebay and various local government-surplus auction sites, but these were all targeted by aftermarket vendors/collectors thus far too overpriced for my project.

    I ended up surfing the "free" section of craigslist and, after a month of persistence, found a guy getting rid of an old closed-circuit security system which included a dozen tiny little monitors.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: 12.5" lcd?

    a shat ton of them are available for the automotive market.

    IBM X220 series laptops had a 12.5" LCD panel too, however the form factor might force you to make a cowling


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