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Thread: 1366 processors for cheap

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    Default 1366 processors for cheap

    well. i recently stumbled upon something.
    i7 920's are 120 and up on ebay...
    the xeon w3520 is basically the exact same chip, and *usually* will work with any x58 motherboard.
    they are 40-45 bucks on ebay.
    also, if your mobo supports it, lower wattage tdp xeon chips are available,
    such as the xeon l5520 i just bought on ebay for 42 bucks shipped.
    60 watt tdp, and also works in dual 1366 mobo's, but is potentially less compatible with regular desktop boards.
    i had an old evga board laying around, and basically all the other parts i would need to build an extra comp. so i figure for 40 bucks (and maybe some tri channel memory i might need to buy) i have a fully working i7 rig.
    anyways, just thought i might spread the awesomeness, if you guys have older parts laying around, but don't want to shell out for an i7 chip...
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    Default Re: 1366 processors for cheap

    I've got an X58 board I was going to sell...but for that kinda dough I may just pick up a CPU for it!

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    Default Re: 1366 processors for cheap

    Quote Originally Posted by SXRguyinMA View Post
    I've got an X58 board I was going to sell...but for that kinda dough I may just pick up a CPU for it!
    lol, or sell the mobo - 1366s might be cheap right now but most of the good X58s look like they cost as much as an X99.
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