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Thread: Removing Rivets

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    LOL great solution. cover the noise your makeing by makeing a louder one. thats great.
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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    Drilled mine with a bit slightly larger that the hole in the middle. Once the flat part came off then plucked the end out with the same type of plier in the pic.

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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    Great advice. Be sure not to touch the removed rivet with bare hands, lest you want a nice little brand for about a month.

    Yes, I'm speaking from experience
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrumThumper View Post
    Great advice. Be sure not to touch the removed rivet with bare hands, lest you want a nice little brand for about a month.

    Yes, I'm speaking from experience
    wow did you use a dull or broken drill bit??

    i've held mine while drill then out and i've had no problems
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    Ok, so lots of people confirming that drilling 'em out is the way to go.

    I like to have a pair of pliers or diagonal cutters handy to remove all the sharp aluminum scraps that get caught on the drill bit. It's also handy to punch through stubborn rivets that already have the heads removed.

    For converting to screws, you may just need to step up to a larger size screw. Self tapping sheet metal screws will work great.

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    Default Re: Removing Rivets

    I have a great way to remove rivets with practically no marking. But seeing as I have baby in other hand and no photos right now, I'll post it later.

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