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Thread: Add an Icon to Shutdown PC

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    Which makes me wonder, what _Exactly_ does suspend do
    Here's a little of what it says in the BIOS power managent section of a M/B manual I have handy. bear in mind this is an old board.

    The system consumption is reduced according to the following sequence"
    Normal > Doze > Standby > Suspend. Each mode can have its own timer set for its events rangeing from 1 minute to 1 hour.

    events can be assignemd to each stage or stages can be skipped deopending on user sonfiguration.

    for instance. You could park the HDD if its not used in say 5 minutes (Doze) then turn of the monitor after another 10 minutes (Standby) and finaly throttle down the CPU by 12.5%-75% (suspend).

    you can also set wake up events as well Like wake on LAN, wake on COM2 (you can dial up with a modem and remotely start your machine), etc. the most common are wake on mouse (com1 or USB) and wake on keyboard.

    When power managment first became a big thing people used to turn everything on (to save the most power) but didn't set any wake on, commands. So their machines would go into a coma and have to be cold booted to wake em up. This was very common with laptops.

    If your really interested in power management info you might want to read your M/B manual regarding your BIOS settings.

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    Which makes me wonder, what _Exactly_ does suspend do
    from what i know suspend throttles down your cpu, spins down you HDD but keeps power to ram holding on to your currently running programs. hibernate on the other hand will read the ram into the hard drive and then shut down the computer. when you start back up from a hibernate the saved state is loaded back into ram. kinda like an ISO image

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    Default Re: Add an Icon to Shutdown PC

    Sorry to bump this but I love the idea of a shutdown Icon. I added it to all the comps in my home

    I did mine and even got the right Icon as well.

    Need a sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by fragged View Post
    AFAIK ...

    Which makes me wonder, what _Exactly_ does suspend do, it seems to shut down too fast to copy ram contents to the hard drive, and boots up even faster... So i'm guessing it just pumps power through the ram, but dont know for sure...


    You have the power management setting in the BIOS set to "STR" - "Suspend To Ram".

    Exactly as you speculate this maintains the working state of the computer in RAM and powers that whilst powering down all other components. It is a low power state that as you also note allows for very quick restarting of the computer.

    The main danger is that in a blackout you will lose the current state of programs and any unsaved work - your instinct to save work first is a good one. There is also probably some minor effect on the life of the RAM but compared to constantly powering up and down the RAM this may be small or even beneficial - I have no idea if it has been researched.

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    Default Re: Add an Icon to Shutdown PC

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