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    I am building my first custom PC and am having some difficulty finding a power supply that fits my needs.

    The machine I am building will be an AMD 64 3000+ (or around that) 1Gb PC3200 ram, HDD(whatever I can get cheap) dvd RW, and current generation ATI video card (most likely x600) I am figuring about 300-400 watt PSU for this, since that is all the hardware the machine will ever have (barring later replacements)

    The issue I am running into is size....the machine I am building (or want to build) is small (for a desktop). I am trying for laptop sized and so I want a PSU no taller than 2.5 inches.

    I have checked out Apple's new machines (the flat panel iMac and mac mini) and they solved the small/thin PSU issue with an external supply. I am all for this solution with my machine but I cant find anyone who sells an external PSU kit. plus the Apple PSUs for the above mentioned machines are only about 250watts and I don't think thats enough for what I have planned.

    If anyone has worked with or knows of anywhere to get a 300ish watt PSU under 2.5 inches in height or an external power supply please share the love.


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    Default Re: PSU shopping question

    you might find what you need here they have some ATX 1U size power supplies

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    just what I was looking for


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