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Thread: Australian Modding Supplies

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    Default Australian Modding Supplies

    I am looking for some modding supplies within Australia. I need teh following:

    Paints (metallic paints too such as Candy Apple Red =])
    and probably some lights, cold cathodes and such.

    If you guys know of any shops within Australia that provide any of the above (preferably the top 2 in the same place) then please let me know. I am happy to buy those things online but please within Australia =]


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    Default Re: Australian Modding Supplies

    I have been through this before.

    You are limiting yourself by buying in Australia.

    If you want to buy official modders mesh there is a site which does home delivery Australia wide through couriers and business hour pickup in Victoria.

    You can get mesh of all types from Industrial supplies and even Bunnings stocks some mesh. One type of mesh that can be used is mesh designed for guttering that keeps leaves out.

    Most modding stores don't actually sell paint. We have a store in Sydney called Hobby Co which sells paints and other hobby gear. (I think they do online shipping). For paints do a yellow pages search in your area for hobby stores they sell paint used with RC cars and other models. If you are gonna use a lot of paint then go to an automotive store another job for yellow pages.

    For Acrylic there are a number of places,

    Bunnings - if you are lucky.
    Trophy makers as some of them use Acrylic
    Industrial suppliers.

    Really most of these items aren't sold by modding shops as they are basic items.

    Like I know you want to buy from only in Australia and I don't blame you. But this store is a store in the US which ships to Australia. They have the best international shipping rates I have ever seen. They also have Acrylic in all colors and modders mesh. I have bought hard to find items from them. I highly recommend them.

    I hope this helps

    (I need to write a guide about this and get it stickied.)
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    Default Re: Australian Modding Supplies

    that helped a lot man, thank you =]
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