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Thread: Good power supply brands

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    Default Good power supply brands

    I have had several PSU croak in my system over the past few years. I am currently in the market for a new PSU for my latest one just died. I would like to know if the Ultra brand PSU are good ones to get ansd/or what brands are good to get. I just tired of buying paper weights. but on the plus side i have striped out some good case fans out of the dead PSU's ive bought.

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    Default Re: Good power supply brands

    While there are many PSU manufacturers out ther these are my top 3 picks based on first hand and third hand knowledge from word of mouth and reviews.

    One of the best PSU brands around would have to be seasonic they make the most quietest, efficient (heat and voltage drop across rails under load), coolest (temp wise) and environmentally friendly power supplies around. With over 80% efficiency. Few manufactures come close.

    Seasonic's site

    Seasonic PSU's on newegg

    You will be paying a premium for this though and they hard to find if you are not buying online.

    If you want a good quality reasonable priced PSU then I recommend any PSU's made by Antec

    Antec's Site

    Antec PSU's on newegg

    If you are into "bling" then maybe you could consider getting a PSU made by the company ULTRA. They also make a number of good modular power supplies. To answer your question ULTRA PSU's are fine.

    Ultra's Site

    ULTRA PSU's on Newegg

    One thing you need to consider when buying a PSU is how much wattage do it need? Use this site to calculate the number of watts you need to power your PC Basically unless you are running one of the new directx 10 cards (8800's) or a top of the line directx 9 setup (7900's) then a 500-600w PSU is enough.

    Another thing you may want to consider when buying a PSU is getting a modular power supply. A modular PSU is where you can choose what cables you do and don't want as the cables plug into the PSU and the device they are powering.

    My recommendation would be to buy a Seasonic PSU

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Good power supply brands

    From first hand experience I'd say go with a Seasonic 650W. Quiet and no problems running an 8800GTX, future proof =]
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