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    Default adding windows

    If I don't want to replace the whole side panel, is the best way to add windows with bolts? Or is there some super-strong glue that I can use?

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    I would screw it on. Uhh.... super glue?

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    Default Re: adding windows

    Many people use bolts, clear silicon caulking, rubber window moulding, double sided tape or liquid nails. Theere may be others to add to this list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nil8
    I have used pop rivets. You have to be very careful with your plexi or it breaks.
    how much plexi have you broke?

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    enough(1 piece). drill pilot holes, then take the holes up to the size of the pop rivet. Afterwards, be very slow and careful or else you can break the edges. If you do, you can fix it with an adhesive.

    Take a scrap piece of plexi from something and practice before you try it for real. It's a big pain to remove all your rivets and fix whatever damage you did.
    Practice is the key. Learn how much pressure is too much and how much is too little.

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