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Thread: German casemod masters

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    Default German casemod masters

    This weekend (19-20th of april)

    There was a big Casemodding competition in Dortmund, germany.
    The cometition went over 2 days and i had hell-a-lot of fun there, i met many guys from teh interwebs, also 2 from TBCS..but nuff the talk, lets have some pics:
    some of the judges (i know the left 3)

    Butterkneters Bulldozer, next to the case "green hell" which stands right next to the big ass UNREAL TOURNAMENT rocket launcher

    some more mods

    THE ORB, next to haro

    closeup to the orb

    left, ma case and the judges right after judgin ma case

    thats DerBaum, the creator of CARBON FEVER

    and both of us where bored as hell, so we decided to make photos of the crowd

    random case shot

    another one

    left, a part of carbon fever, next to it was a nice greek guy, very funny dude and nice mods

    and a robot... it is actually a casecon, but yeah... (they where sponsored by microsoft so make your own oppinion )

    the bad ass unreal tournament rocket launcher

    |NQ| Squelsh

    that thing is huuuuge

    ma case, next to carbon fever

    Baum gave an interview to, a german modding community, i even signed 2 of their shirts and messed the whole shirt with kindergarten like typo, so I PWNED THEM!!!111

    mah feets

    again, the orb n haro

    a pc moddet into a picasso painting

    customer electronic mod, Matrixon

    and a mac...

    Both babetech Brothers, thechoozen from bittech had a ****load of cases there, i guess like 6 of em, this is welcome to rapture, a pretty small case

    Carbon fever

    mah case, startnumber 1

    Green hell


    a bitchin big subwoofer

    "no toaster, an iRadio with water cooling"

    a big ass obylisk( bout 2 metres high Oo)

    squelsh takin photos

    there wasnt only the DCMM, there was a bitchin big modelcrafting exhibition

    they had plenty of sick tools, but i had no money :/

    Steampunk anyone?

    a modeled landscape with some RC stuff

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    i can haz smd led madness?

    thats a RC crane... look how big it is Oo

    its monster truck time

    and even larger one


    jesus vs. devil

    Sinus curve

    an self soldered tube amp

    this leaf looks a bit off

    and photos of a friend of mine

    and i got beaten, the biggest case on the comp


    2 dragon.. things

    and the winner of the casemods, CM10.. from the winner of last year and the year befor that....

    the cokemod

    casecon winner

    the book

    CE-Mod winner (coffemaker with wlan radio)

    ma case (that fool behind the chimney is me >_>)


    24 hours of modding madness

    me on the left with the smart "ill kill you" face


    ce mod winner (theres a full working mobile phone in there)

    and the amp also won second place in ce mod (and the guy who made this is such a funny dude, we were talking **** all night on saturday)

    and even more pics under DCMM 08:

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    Sweet pics. Big thread of pure awesome.
    You love my sig.

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    +Rep. Looks like everyone had a good time there.
    I don't know about the phone, but the amp is preddy neat.

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    Sweet! Congrats on 2nd!
    Quote Originally Posted by Lothair View Post
    I guess it's just widely used and has had some of the best people in the world work on it, costing a ridiculous amount of money, for no actual reason. :/
    Have you checked out the front page lately?
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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    As much as I love those mods, I cannot take my eyes off of that train. Unreal!
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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    Well gratz to you bud! nice to see how popular modding is over there. Not so much here in the states... or my town I should say . Wish we had that kind of stuff here.

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    All I can say is thumbnails are a virtue xP;

    Lots of good cases there, I really need to get a job so I can start case modding ^-^;
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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    Those train set ups were truly obsessive! And I thought I had a problem.
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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    dude... next time there is such a thingie downthere i have to go ill drive all the 800 km nice photos!
    is that a 120.9 raddy on your case, or are you just happy to see me?

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