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    Default need advice... :)

    Well here is the jist of it... I have little experience with modding and have been into it since i found this site (a little under a year). Some stuff i can do, most stuff i cant do.

    I have a case that i wanna mod up to the best (little budget) that i can and could use some advice. I've been working with a dremel for some time now and i was wondering if there was a better tool that i could use to drill windows through metal. With the dremel, I go through sand discs like breathing air. This next project will have quite a few windows both outside panels and interior case itself and i don't want to be standing for 2-3 days just dremeling the thing.
    Another problem that i have is that it's missing the top panel. Should i just get a sheet of plexy and heat fit it or is there another option (and don't say buy a new case :p )? And last but not least, paint. I want to paint the interior but not sure what type of paint to use. I also would like to paint the outer panels and the plastic front the same color but also not sure what type to use (if it is even different).
    Well folks those are my main focus right now. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated and remember, i'm not entirely new but i am low budg .

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    Default Re: need advice... :)

    Jig Saw for cutting the streight lines with a good metal bit should help speed up the cutting of the window. Dont Rush things as you will over cut or hurt yourself. Always expect to take more that 1-2 days cutting the window. I spend over a week doing the detail lines on this case for the other half.

    Top part ... plexi will work or get a piece of sheet metal and bend it to fit.

    Vynal Dye or Krylon Fuson to match the fron and side panels. Be sure to clean the plastic parts with a good cleaner to remove any oil that will keep the paint from sticking. Plus read up on the paint a case 101 at this site.

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