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Thread: Project: PrometheusCu

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Some more great news!

    I've been honored with a nomination for the "Mod Of The Month" competition over at the forums! So if it's your prerogative and you have the means - throw me a vote.

    Exciting news from AquaComputer... in the form of some one-of-a-kind PrometheusCU special edition parts.

    I just want to take a moment to thank everyone again, it's amazing to see how well the community has accepted this project. It started as a passion and has BOOMED into something so much more - sponsors, MOTM nomination, ~430,000 image views. All I can say is WOW.

    The excitement has just begun, I still have many plans for this project so stay tuned for more.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    @b4i7 - Thanks mate!

    Since I'm new here I figure I should take a moment to tell a little about myself.
    Me name is Jesse Lang, I'm a 20-year old Film School Grad, and a graphic designer/motionographer by trade.

    I saved my pennies for over a year in anticipation of this project. So-far I've put well over 500hours into it's design and construction. With those hours comes the HEAFTY price tag of about $8400 so-far...well above my initial budget. Because of this I'm pretty much teetering on the brink of poverty - but with a smile on my face over what it'll become in the end.

    In the end the case will sport many custom CNC machined solid copper components.

    A custom watercooling system provided in part by AquaComputer.

    3 Computers in 1 case:
    1- The watercooled main system running Windows Server 2008
    2- The watercooled Pico-ITX system running Windows Home Server with a custom built front end GUI. This will control the watercooling of the main system and also function as a media jukebox.
    3- The embedded Alix 2c1 Linux firewall/router running pfSense. This will act as a wifi card/router/firewall.

    And an elaborate lighting system featuring about 100 White LED's and a custom built lighting controller.

    I'm putting every ounce of my skillets and cash into this project so I hope you all enjoy!

    Tune in soon for there is A LOT more to come.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    this projekt actually looks quite good. when i saw the presentation of it on bit-tech it didnt seem like something special but i like the many hours of planning you have thrown in it

    BUT a big mistake that i noticed from the start (dont know if you know this already) is that your fans is blowing air downwards instead of pulling air into the case.
    you will have a better airflow if making them pull into the case
    is that a 120.9 raddy on your case, or are you just happy to see me?

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Very nice work! Welcome to TBCS, I love your mod so far and will be watching with great interest!
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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Ah, you finally landed here. Welcome to the best modding community ever!

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    @Acey - Thanks for the welcome man!

    @jdbnsn - Thanks mate, you shouldn't have to wait too long.

    @p0Pe - Thanks man but the fan direction is known - they just look meaner that way while under construction in my opinion. In addition to the advice offered to me on the Bit-Tech and [h] forum, I also have a former Boeing Aerospace Engineer (family friend) and expert on aerodynamics helping me design my air-flow guides to maximize airflow/performance.

    Another small update for you all.

    I just picked up a dozen BlinkM I2C contolled RGB LEDs - "BlinkM uses a high quality, high power RGB LED and a small AVR microcontroller to allow a user to digitally control an RGB LED over a simple I2C interface"

    100 white 3mm LEDs, 100 resistors and 100 Chrome Holders to be copper plated.

    and with these comes a USB Arduino Control Board that will allow me to write a control program for the lighting inside the case. I'll have the RGB LEDs change from blue to red depending on the water temperature. The other 100 white LEDs will slowly/randomly fade in and out (Mac style) when they are on.

    Also a dozen fiendishly overpriced Countersink Allen Screws made of copper:

    More coming soon - Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    You had me at Carbon Fiber... And yes, I am asking, -WHERE IS IT GOING ALREADY????

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    @rendermandan - Thanks a lot mate, your motorized madness project was actually one of the inspirational creations that got me started on this project. BRAVO on that!

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    I was wondering when you would bring this over from Bit-Tech Langer. A truly awesome mod my friend. Great work.
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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    @The boy 4rm oz - Thanks for the warm welcome mate!

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