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Thread: A Revisit to the REP System

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    Default Re: A Revisit to the REP System

    nice writeup. I'm partially with Xtrykr, I read and learn more than I know and post, this forum has been of amazing info to me, and is helping me with my current mod (which unfortunately is on hold waiting for funds). I give rep when I come across a mod that I like, which there are quite a few here. Thanks TCBS!

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    Default Re: A Revisit to the REP System

    for the guys who post questions, when you get answers that's the perfect opportunity to thank people by +repping a good answer

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    Default Re: A Revisit to the REP System

    Quote Originally Posted by DrumThumper View Post
    Just so everyone knows (not like you couldn't figure it out anyways), I sign off on close to 99% of my reps as DT. Every now and then my index figure gets a bit trigger happy, and I have a /facepalm moment. If you have ever gotten 5 rep from some anonymous soul, it is most likely me.
    Likewise, I sign 'em as FP. Not sure what I give though...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitternacht View Post
    Everyone else had quotes, and I didn't. I figured the next funny thing I see I'd throw in my sig.
    Quote Originally Posted by Luke122 View Post
    Jon, the whole post is about building a bong that changes its own water.
    Gee, it damn sure took me long enough to find and add the origin of the first quote...

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