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Thread: Need Image Hosting?

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    Default Need Image Hosting?

    If you've got pictures to show off, but don't have anywhere to host them, try one of the following options:

    If you know of another, or have space that you'd like to donate, contact us and we'll let everyone know.
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    Here are some free image upload sites: - Videos, SWF, Images - Your media will stay online for the duration of its activity plus six months. - Images - Max file 250k, 1GB Bandwith, Space 5MB - Images - Limited to 25 pictures - Images - 1GB Bandwith - Images - No Bandwith limit or space - Images - 10MB a month bandwith, Trial 10 days

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    Lots of funny stuff on putfile. Enough to get me fired this week.

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    Default Re: Need Image Hosting?

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    Default Re: Need Image Hosting?

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    Default Re: Need Image Hosting?

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    Default Re: Need Image Hosting?

    Hay all,

    if you like, i have setup a Freewebs account, To use this, goto:
    And login to the site in the top right hand corner,

    User name: TBCS_Pics
    Password: TBCS

    This is to only be used for pictures, Please don't host any websites, don't upload any obscene pictures that maybe offencive or illegal.

    Any pictures that are found to be breaking the above rule shall be removed.

    Other than that, Enjoy

    To upload:
    To upload pictures on the right hand side, click site manager,
    Once there click upload a file

    Upload you picture, then the link to use should be:

    your image should display then.

    Enjoy, PS, Don't change any account details please.

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    Default Re: Need Image Hosting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Omega
    Thanks Omega. Everyone use mine

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    Default Re: Need Image Hosting?

    imageshack works very well
    it has many options and no need to sign up
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    Default Re: Need Image Hosting?

    No sign up needed to mine

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