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Thread: Project : BossFX-57

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    There will always be details in my mods, some of which will be noticed immediately... some of which will be noticed later, and some not at all!

    The shrouds are not noticed unless you know that the cards are not normally covered in this way. I like all of my mods that way. Honestly, the best compliment on some of my details, is for them to go unnoticed, and for the viewer to think that the item "came" that way.

    On my last mod, Lupine, I had a user email me that they did not know that Coolermaster made a purple case, and wanted to know where I got it from. After explaining through pictures that it did not come that way, and that I had actually painted it, it became clear to them it was custom.

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    Well, welcome back, I notice on this occasion you're using the Hyper 6+, what fans you putting on that sucker?

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    It's like special effects - the best ones are the ones you never notice. I guarantee you, however, you would notice were they not there.

    Have you ever watched the Lord of the Rings special edition discs, with the hours and hours of "behind the scenes" documentaries? There is an absolutely staggering amount of craftsmanship that went into the design for that film - every single prop in the film, from the doorknobs to the cups to the swords and armor to the prosthetic eyebrows, were hand-designed to fit the film. Sure, most people don't notice that the knobs on the cupboards in Frodo's house were crafted by hand (and in two different sizes - one for a normal-sized set and one for an oversized "hobbit" set), but if they had jsut used some plain-old off-the-shelf knobs from Home Depot or something, they would have stood out like sore thumbs.

    It is attention to detail like that that can add the extra touch to a mod, or to any project for that matter, to elevate it from simply being cool to being absolutely outstanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crenn
    Well, welcome back, I notice on this occasion you're using the Hyper 6+, what fans you putting on that sucker?
    I'm actually leaving it stock, for reasons that will soon be apparent!

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    If I was not a modder, and did not have a window going on the rig, then the sliders on the drive bays would absolutely rock! But, I'm a window nut, and I just cant stand the sight of those things... soooo... OFF WITH IT'S HEAD!!!

    I'm going to custom craft drive bays for the CD ROM(s) and any front facing devices. Materials that I am considering are either mesh, acrylic, or (what I'm considering) sandwiching some UV reactive orange acrylic inside of brushed aluminimum. I'm leaning very heavily to the last one, as I can cut the drive screw holes and paint the aluminium gloss black (like the frame will end up. I'm thinking that the edges will erupt with glowing orange if I embed a UV LED or 2 into the acrylic. The drive bays will not be the full height of the case, but instead built to only house the device that needs the support. Essentially, I build a 5.25 bay from the top that is riveted to the front and the top of the frame and it will support the optical drive, and the 3.5 inch bays will be built in a similar fashion, with embeded lighting.

    So, I have now committed to this.
    It will either be lit, sandwiched, meshed or a combo of these techniques.

    And tomorrow, I go over to Harbor Freight and buy my bending brake to make this all happen!

    (*note* this was changed in the end final execution.)

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    Took a few hours this morning and built a bending station for the bending brake I picked up from Harbor Freight this last week.

    I figured after I thought about how it was going to work, that I might need the ability to have the work possibly suspended under the bending brake from either side, depending on the way the bend needed to be oriented.

    Attaching it to my bench would have limited me on how the material was to be handled. This way, I have all that free space under the brake to allow for the material to be under the bending surface, if it is needed.

    Started out with 3 wall studs, 8ft in length.

    Cut it down to the sizes I needed for the frame:

    Framed it and gave it feet, then added in two supports to the feet.

    Attached the brake to the top, and used 2 1/2 inch 1/4" bolts and a corresponding washer and nut on the bottom... TADAA!!!!

    Oh, and here is my mascot...

    If *ever* you have wondered "Why?" it takes me a bit longer to do most of my mods... now you are looking at her!!!

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    A few days passed after I made the above post... then this little gem popped into my log...

    "I am glad I am slow....."

    Gave me time to mull over my drive bay creation problem, and came up with a solution. What I *dont* like about the Coolermaster drive bays are those dang tooless sliders. So, to keep my dimensions right and tight on the 5.25 and 3.5 areas, I'm sticking with the original framework of the drive bays (why reinvent the wheel, eh?) but stripping off the plastic tooless sliders and springs that annoy me to no end. By doing this, it will allow me to keep the original Coolermaster steel that already fits all of the rivet holes, the front bezel mount holes, etc. So, I strip those off, and pull off the supporting steel work that acted as the slider guides, and that will give me the 5.25 bay that I can *then* wrap my acrylic acround and then a bent and painted piece of alu over that to sandwich in all that color!

    Much easier!

    I Had been beating my head against paper mock ups trying to get my drive spacing, hole allignment, depth and length, etc to all come out right.... then it hit me (kinds like one of those Outback steakhouse boomerangs, but I didn't leave to go eat after the inspiration!) and I went to town on my bays!

    Pics are boring... use your imagination!

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    Press fast forward 2 more days...


    Hacked holes this weekend, side window, top blow hole. Forgot to upload the pics, will get to them tonight.

    Looking for a local powder coater for the frame (gloss black)... want to sneak this into another run so that there is little to no additional prep work for whomever it is that provides the service.

    Lots of wrap up filing to make the beastie as smooth as possible, with finished holes.

    The connectors that I spoke of earlier in another thread are going to look SO sweet with this!

    Going to build a black acrylic bracket to mount the recepticles in to, and then I'll cut the power transmission lines to size, and solder them onto the plugs. Then using the other side of the attachment, I'll put the power lines, PCI-e power, and SATA power through those adaptors!

    (que muzik)
    "Come togethaaa!! ... riiiight now.... "

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    Guess what?? I found a powder coater that would do my frame!! Loved how this came out... uber sexy!


    Yummy frame shots!

    We're all family here, so I can talk like that...

    The 3.5 bay that resides directly below the 5.25 bay area. This frame actually has 2 sets of these, however I chose to pull the bottom most one in favor of airflow (it blocked the fan, and I was not going to have a drive down that far anyway...)

    This is an outter shot with the mobo tray in the forground. All of these pieces are clean. Any white "spots" you see are not dust flecks or the like... they are pin sized reflections coming off of the smooth and glossy surface.

    I'm going to get a better pic of this, but this was to show just how smooth it went into all of the little nooks. cranys and bends of the case... this is the power supply area, and, specifically, the rear exhaust point of hte case. Look in the corner that frames the exhaust fan. I *always* have had problems getting this section even... no worries on this one!

    Check out the reflection off the base section of the case!!!

    The 5.25 bays:

    Another shot of the frame....

    You may notice some holes in the framework of the 3.5 and the 5.25 sections of the case. I cut out sections of steel that were standing too tall and would interfere with this next section of modding... you'll see shortly!

    This weekend is going to be a big time push for me so be looking for some pretty serious updates from my side tomorrow and Sunday!

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    Riveted it all back toghether! (except for the top pieces and the skins... MMmmmmmmm.....

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