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Thread: Steeler Curtain

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    Default Steeler Curtain

    Thought I should post of some photos of the Steeler Mod I built over the last couple months.

    The base idea for the case is modeling it after the helmet of the Steelers, black with a yellow stripe and the logo on one side(and yes the Steelers only wear the logo on one side of the helmet.)

    Its a very clean classic case mod I had to replace the LED's in all the fans with yellow ones along with the HDD LED and power LED I also used two 12" PCB LED Stips with 16 LEDs each on the inside on each side of the window. All the panels were removed and the entire guts of the case were painted Steeler yellow



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    Default Re: Steeler Curtain

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    Default Re: Steeler Curtain

    lol nice keyboard.... that will stuff up those nasty people who cant touch type... lol nice mod mate
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    you tease!

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    Default Re: Steeler Curtain

    haha love the keyboard! the finishing touch.
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    Nice idea and a good work Only for me the water cooling fail, but I know that it costs a lot of, unfortunatly. Well and the internal space could be a little bit cleaner.

    But all in all it´s a good work!!!!

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    Default Re: Steeler Curtain

    Nice man, the case looks sweet, and the keyboard idea is great!

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    Default Re: Steeler Curtain

    Thanks I got the idea from playing jokes on people by switching the layout on there keyboards... The fun of working in IT

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    Default Re: Steeler Curtain

    Great looking mod! Nice and clean and follows the theme through out +rep.
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    Default Re: Steeler Curtain

    Very nice! Straighforward theme and well executed. Go Steelers!

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    Default Re: Steeler Curtain

    Quote Originally Posted by DonT-FeaR View Post
    lol nice keyboard.... that will stuff up those nasty people who cant touch type... lol nice mod mate
    I love that keyboard mod!

    I used to work on a helpdesk, and I was bored one night so I swapped a bunch of keys around. The next day I came in for my shift, and the guy sitting in the next cubicle says to me, "Dont use that station, the keyboard doesnt work."

    I sat down anyways and logged in fine. He was floored; "How come it worked for you?!"

    I explained to him what I did.. he was so mad that he went and complained to a manager, and I get called to his office for "defacing company property".

    My words exactly: "If you cant type without looking at the keyboard, how can you help customers on the phone and record the details of their call at the same time?" I offered to change the keys back to normal, and that was that.

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