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Thread: whats your job! Pics?

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    Default whats your job! Pics?

    Not sure if this has been done before or not, if it has, im sorry. I just realized the other day that what i do is pretty cool. A lot of people have some pretty dull boring jobs. Since this is a modding/fabricating type website, i thought my job somewhat suited that, as im a fitter/welder. I fabricate soo many parts in a day, and everything we build is custom.

    So, here are some pics of one of my favorite trucks i built. this company is local to my area, and always buy the best of the best, most expensive, every option possible. I work at Walinga's Inc. and build custom aluminum hopper feed bodies.

    enough of my babbling, and onto the pics of this showwinning truck. (note, I didnt build the peterbilt truck, only the trailer)

    cost of there trailers are between $100,000 and $150,000 CAD. This truck may be more.

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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    nice! I work here, as the parts manager and part-time mechanic. Slow this time of year though, but I get cost on all parts, so it helps out my jet ski hobby

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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    I am a full time student at Milwaukie High School of Milwaukie, OR. I also work in a pet shop. Not too many pics of the place or what i do. I basically clean the animals cages and take care of em all like most everyone else. I am mainly a fishroom/reptile guy, but sometimes I have to go and work with the birds or small animals like hamsters and whatnot. Not really as fun as people think working in a pet store is, but hey, its money. I want to soon get out of working there and work at a custom pc build/repair shop that is local around this area. Some of the people on the west side may have heard of a company called PC Club, well they went out of bussiness, and the regional manager of the store closest to me bought out the location and made his own place there. So I wanna try working there soon.

    Current projects:
    ON HOLDKarbon Kreation
    ON HOLDFish Tank Media PC

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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    I work for Priority Solutions International, were a pharmaceutical logistics company. As in, we ship drugs. They are mostly sample drugs for birth control, but do ship lots of other stuff. Not a very interesting job, since I work in the warehouse. They just moved me to third shift, in which I start tonight. 11pm-7am... weee.

    BTW, anyone in the pictures on our site don't actually work for us. I've never seen any of these people before.


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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    I work at starbucks as a barista, i make drinks

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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    Done before, but I can't find the thread. I'm a network analyst for an electric utility company. I watch the servers and network circuits that keep the power on for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. I only wish I could take pictures of my office and data centers to show you guys. It would make you drool.

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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    nice truck, they are soo sexy and sick when done right. i love the 8-10" stacks.

    and i love all the black smoke and power they have.

    but to get back on topic i'm a HVAC&R tech.
    Heating ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration technician.

    don't really have an pics, but right now i do home ac's, furnaces and tankless hot water tanks. i want to get into refrigeration more and do commercial units.
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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    I breed poodles, die their fur pink, cut it to where they look like a random hedge and sell them. I also breed hedges, cut them into pretty designs, and tie pink ribbons around them to sell them as well.

    ...just kidding. I'm a student right now. I also create music, draw, paint, etc. Links in muh sig. If my computer wasn't broken I'd have made a few more songs in the past few weeks but oh well, I'm supposed to be getting new RAM in another week or two if that is what the problem is.

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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    I work here as an editor/video-technician
    and here as a cameraman/editor
    and finally here as a video coach

    Now you know why I'm not in here as much as I use to

    Anyone who think a computer is sexy need to #$? and fast

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    Default Re: whats your job! Pics?

    Here. I have watched my store get traded to three different companies (Buttrey Food and Drug, Albertsons and now Supervalu) and have seen it get progressively worse with each sale/trade. I expect Walmart to buy us out soon.

    I work in the Scan department. This means I make sure all the prices are ringing up right. I also get to work with some very ancient equipment (a few 486 era computers, mostly PIII era for everything else) because it isn't cost effective to upgrade 3000+ stores.
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