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    Is aluminum a good case material? I'm making a HMMWV PC.

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    Yes, most cases are either made of Aluminum or Steel.

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    I'm guessing:

    HMMWV = High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

    or Humvee.

    Theres really not much of a difference between Aluminium or steel. Aluminium might be alittle lighter and easier to cut but both can be modded just as easy.

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    Ok then I'm definately going to use this and yes its a Humvee it's a BF2 mod with a few interesting and original ideas. I have a few other questions to ask as well hoping somebody can answer them.

    If where I place the motherboard is inconvenient for port access is there a way to actually kind of extend the ports on wires so I can place them anywhere I want in the case?

    What kind of electronic and testing tools do I need to make sure I dont damage myself or the computer. I have tons of just straight up hardware tools like jigsaws, 3 dremel sets, a rotary saw, adjustable belt sander.

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    with enough patience you could "move" even the pci/agp/pci-e ports... u just need a good soldering iron and... patience. In your case, u should just be careful when removing the ports not to damage the board. Better practice on some cheap old parts and see if they work And to keep it safe, don't make really long wires or monocoloured ones. (I had this last problem and if things aren't connected properly..)

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    Best thing to start with.....a 15-25Watt Pencil Soldering iron (the smaller the tip the better!) and a multimeter. As for moving the ports, I would recommend just using extension cables...made to custom lengths, connectors and pinouts are readily available on the net. Plus you don't have to worry about toasting a board, or the warranty (ok, only some of use are worried about that! ). If your going to try and desolder connections, order some solder-wick...It's made by the Chem-wick co, and is a copper braid. you lay it over the solder connection you want to remove and put your iron on and the solder heat up and the copper braid absorbs the solder. The desoldering Irons that they sell @ Rat Shack are way to hot for most pc boards (If your a N00b you'll burn the pad right off!), so I don't recommend them for beginners. GOOD LUCK,

    OHHH, Ask all the q's you want we're here to answer them!! (and make other suggestions and odd ball comments too!)


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    always look for something that you might need later on ..

    There are places in the use that sell them as well .. Just google for Flexiable Riser cards.

    that should save on a damaged mobo.

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