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Thread: Need input on Star Wars case project

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    Default Need input on Star Wars case project

    I am building a Danger Den Double-wide WHS box that will have a H20'd CPU and will have probably 30 T of HDDS for streaming blue rays throughout my house as well as doing backups and such. The case will have fan grills cutout in the shape of the Empire logo and will also be air-brushed. So far the only sure subject of the painting will be a sexy female stormtrooper. What I need help with is what to have in the backround behind her and around her and also what to have on the other panels (she will be on the sides so I need stuff to paint on the top, front, and back. Maybe a space-fight scene? Hoth fight scene? Any ideas? Please do post pics. Maybe I can make the tubing and wire management look Star Warsish.

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    I've always been partial to scenes with the Millenium Falcon. Maybe the dock on the Death Star?
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    this is a rare time I wish I was a decent artist. all sorts of ideas come to could do a character-centric scene around your trooper, the emperor or vader looming over might be cool, with other major imperial characters smaller and more in the background movie-poster style; depending on your desired level of inappropriateness you could have her suggestively straddling a star destroyer or wielding a blaster.... definitely should do an iconic space battle scene on at least one panel IMO, with the falcon, x-wings, TIE's, etc.

    the death star trench might be cool for the front and back - do a shot of x-wings chased by ties coming right at you, and the same shot from the rear on the back of the case. actually, what would be REALLY awesome would be to have a partial or whole x-wing model coming out the front of the case, and have laser bolts shot by TIEs represented by green CCFL's streaking out around it. Course, that'd be somewhat fragile. But awesome .

    It also wouldn't be too hard to make the inside look star wars-ish. Just do what I did on my model - get yourself a cheap box of old model car parts on ebay (a "junkyard model car" search will yield results), envision pipes and such snaking around, and arrange the parts you have accordingly as well as integrate them with some or all of the tubing, cables, etc. Once painted, it'll look very convincing.
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