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Thread: Thinking of a Goonies theme

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    Default Thinking of a Goonies theme

    Hey you guys!!!!!

    So, I have this case as a spare right now. I've been wanting to do something to it (paint only), but can't really decide what. I've thought about fire, skulls, some type of grave yard scene, pirates, skulls, Space Shuttle tribute... While at work the other day, I decided a theme based on The Goonies would be pretty cool. I always enjoyed watching it as a kid, and will still watch it when it comes on TV now.

    Some things I would definitely incorporate..
    The Map.
    One Eyed Willy.
    The bone organ (I couldn't find a ref picture)
    A pirate ship.

    So, what do you think?

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    Default Re: Thinking of a Goonies theme

    Sweet idea, love the movie. The bone organ would be cool. Maybe a scene from the in the caves.
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    Default Re: Thinking of a Goonies theme

    I love The Goonies! The map, the ship, and the bone organ would all look great. Sweet idea.

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    Default Re: Thinking of a Goonies theme

    the front ship is the case, a small but contributing section of the cave running up the front corner, as if the ship is passing it very closely with water detail on the base, intricate details are the fine quality, the super man logo painted somewhere on view on the ship, weathered though as if its been on the plank wood for a long time.... are you following my visions,

    this either on the deck of the ship or embedded into the cave wall.

    Its ambitious but what i picture(if that's what i have managed to get across) would look super awesome!!!!

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    Default Re: Thinking of a Goonies theme


    If you build a Goonies themed case, you have to use one of the classic quotes from the movie as a startup sound for your OS of choice.


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