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Thread: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

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    Default HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    Hi everyone
    this a mod of the legendary Nintendo 64.
    The job is finished but I'm sharing it with you.

    I used to play a lot with this console years ago...

    I got this console for 15 in a flee market

    The objective is to make a PC for the living room, to watch media and some internet surf. Ultimately I'll be installing OSX on it since I only have macs at home.

    thus it must have the :

    appropriate connectivity

    Not necessarily a big hard disk
    (I have a Wifi network already setup at home, it is very fast (Wifi N) and reliable. Sharing files or streaming media between computers at home is very easy.)

    Very responsive, but not necessarily powerful

    And Silent

    considering all that, this is the hardware I choose
    is pretty simple :
    Mobo: Zotac ionitx A - E
    2x 1GB of ram
    1 SSD 30GB

    this zotac mobo has almost everything needed (sound, graphics, CPU, connectivity HDMI, Wifi N, optical out etc ), has a CPU that can work with out fan, has external power unit and fits nice inside a N64

    2GB of ram is enough for the tasks that the computer will have to do

    The 30GB SSD drive will ensure less noise, and a responsive system.

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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    First of I opened the N64, removed everything inside of it and cut a lot of the internal parts of the case
    I lost the pictures of this step, but you have a look at this thread this part is basicly the same:

    dcattena have interesting ideas

    I only have this picture of the top case cut

    in addition had to cut the controllers ports to fit the mobo

    Any how here are the pictures for the following step which consist on rebuilding the rear left corner of the console :

    I used a polyester mastic for that. I think this material is quite good, is hard, sticks very well on plastic, can be sanded machined and drilled. It also stand 120C temperatures .
    I mold it and I'm used sand paper for finish To make the shape. I also closed the unnecessary holes of the lower case.

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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    Back Panel
    I decided to make a custom plastic back panel.
    I started with a template

    and then the real one

    after cutting it, I pated it to the lower case and applied the magical polyester mastic.

    I sanded it until I cot a nice shape and started paint

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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    at That moment I made some software tests.
    With the N64 case closed, the processor reached 90C

    Is sad But a fan is needed

    I tried the fan delivered with the mobo ( diam 60mm ; 10mm thick)

    and it did't fit so I cut 10mm off the heatsink (not even scared)

    later I put a fan 10mm thick 70mm diam at a slower speed

    Conclusion : the temperature drooped to 40 in normal usage

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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    ON/OFF and Reset buttons

    this was a bit tricky because I wanted to use the original buttons of the N64
    And the proble was that the buttons ar just on top of the RAM

    So this is what I did

    (for the reset button it didn't work well ... I'll show you the final version later

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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    Paint started

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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    I almost forgot! The hard drive :
    I always knew that the hard drive would have to be on top of the mobo

    so I fixed it on the top case

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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64


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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    The Led is blue, I'll make a picture later when is dark
    For those who are interested OSX works like a charm on this computer
    here are is all you need to make it happen
    -Link Removed-

    Thanks for watching, take care of yourselves... and each other
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    Default Re: HTPC in a Nintendo 64

    I like it a lot, but the power button and reset need painted, IMO. so does the expansion cover and feet on the bottom. awesome work nonetheless... have a +rep from me.
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