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Thread: Made to Order Fan Grills

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    Default Made to Order Fan Grills

    I thought there was some place that I could send a design in and they would make me an acrylic fan grill. I had it done years ago when I needed pentagrams made, but can't remember where.

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    Default Re: Made to Order Fan Grills

    I think any plexi retailer can do it. Just have to send them your 3d image.

    I saw something on OCN about custom plexi grills. I'm headed to bed but if no answers by tomorrow I'll dig it up.

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    Default Re: Made to Order Fan Grills

    I wonder how many people would want a service like this? I am a member of a workshop that has a 35watt laser cutter. I could make these for you. The laser does both vector cutting and raster engraving.

    The only thing is I wouldn't have the kind of material selection all the time that a retailer would have. But we do have a good relationship with so maybe if you bought something from them, I could just pick it up and make the cuts.

    Just a thought.

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