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    As some of you know, I have moved out of my parent's home recently and things have generally been going well, although a little tough due to tight finances and unexpected costs coming up often. This has been a problem where it's made things stressful but still we're surviving. But a couple of weeks ago, I started hearing something which made me excited and happy, and yesterday, it was finalised.... I now have a job

    I haven't had a proper job since about 2007 so this is good news for me. Plus it also means I can afford to take my girlfriend out for dinner somewhere nice for a change or take her to the movies And also will help fund my 'research'.
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    Congrats!! I too recently landed a new job - it's a really nice feeling to not have to worry over every single penny. Good luck to you!
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    WOOOO HOOOO!!! (Having a job is a good thing.)

    Congrats! Here's hoping it's something you enjoy doing, or at the very least can tolerate.

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    congrats! i still have a job, but currently i am getting about 12 hours or less at just above minimum wage. still actively searching for a computer job, as i have been at my current job about 4 years
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cale_Hagan View Post
    congrats! i still have a job, but currently i am getting about 12 hours or less at just above minimum wage. still actively searching for a computer job, as i have been at my current job about 4 years
    Could always apply for a work at home DSL tech like me for Centurylink. We just picked up Qwest so now we have CA as a territory. Not quite working on computers but fun. For me anyway. As long as Qwest had service where you are I bet you coudl do it.

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    It is always nice getting a job! lol. I have been applying for management jobs lately. One opened up that would be perfect, have my fingers crossed.
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    congratulations on the new job. taking your girl out for a special night is probably a good idea since she's stuck with you while you were broke. good luck with the new job.

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