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    I'm doing custom-build, and several of the motherboards I'm considering either do not have PS/2 connectors, or only have one. As certain legacy Linux distros will be used, I need two PS/2 connectors to avoid problems. Been looking for PCI or PCIe expansion cards to add-in these connectors, but Google is not only gives me serial port and parallel port cards. Anyone know of specific expansion card to add two PS/2 connectors (that picky Linux will accept)?

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    I know the 2011 socket Asrock X79 extreme 6 mobo has two PS2 connectors and I think there was a biostar x77 mobo that does too.

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    There are all sorts of PS/2-compatible adapters which plug into USB ports. Although I suspect most would require special driver software which may or may not be available for linux.

    I've seen a lot of device programming protoboards which include PS/2 ports alongside all the other connectors, although that's a kind of fugly solution and might only offer keyboard support anyhow - and again, may not have any linux-platform software.
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    Some motherboards are compatible with PS/2 splitters, that is, having a Y cable allowing mouse and keyboard in one port. Don't know which ones off hand, but....
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