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Thread: Show Your setup

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    yes, You either love them, or you hate them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximan1
    Thanks man

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    No problem.
    Its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue73
    Fair enough. Still looks pretty cool. Hold on Yer Mum has the same case how cool is that.
    I actually bought the case for her (with her money) thinking that one day she would give it to me... Boy was i wrong...
    You Dont Spread Democracy Through The Barrel Of A Gun.

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    Well here is where my madness happens...
    (links because pic are kinda large)

    some pics are red cuz the window shades were down and they case a red/orange light.

    also i will be moving the setup to a larger desk to handle the dual mons. just not enough room you cant see it but my photo printer is behind the left monitor, and i had to go buy a print server so i use my other printers/scanners/fax wirelessly and put them on a shelf at the other end of the room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverdemon
    yes, You either love them, or you hate them...

    I'm quite indifferent. I will, however, insist on a normal mouse for gaming, but for anything else, a trackball is fine.

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    Ok I finally got _a_ digital camera working besides my cell phone, although they both have the same resolution, this older digital camera takes better shots (and stores them to floppy so I can upload at work).

    Here is my office/workroom/storage room (so please excuse the mess, my room seems to be the dumping ground for things no-one knows where to put.) Excuse the wires all over the place I am rebuilding the rack and stuff is hanging out all over the place.

    Starting as you walk in the door to the left. Note the clear O2 and Presenter 1280 (flatpanel);

    My desk with both my monitors (mmmmm 24" superwide!) (the screensaver is from Used to work with the guy that makes them.);

    Music dvd collection and...;

    My current mod in progress (the bubblegum machine), my congas, and diskgolf disks;

    Geek books...;

    Snowboard, motorcycle jacket...;

    Closer shot of the clear O2;

    My audio setup (that DMP9-16 is a little overkill for the computers, but I do have it hooked up to my keyboard and sound modules(not shown));

    Same shot, showing my windows computer (not visually modded yet since it hides in the rack);

    Another shot of my desk;

    Not shown:
    Linux file server hidden in the top of the rack...
    Parts, Parts, Parts, hidden all over the place...

    Have some more planning to do and I will start posting the mod of the bubblegum machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmastree
    That has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.... lol how much would that cost!? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximan1
    I hate trackballs. I actually ripped one apart once . I mean I ripped the trackball out and then stomped on the mouse.

    You should of then took the broken pieces... lit them on fire, melted them together, stomped on them again, then melted them together again
    and then flushed it down the toilet. ...Quickly followed by the calling of a pumber who would fish it out and then offer to melt down once more because he could still tell what it was to begin with. Which would then be followed by it being compressed into a small square. Which you could then call "art". And I would buy it from you for an outragious price of 200 bucks. ....just so I can give it to my dog as a chew toy. ^_^

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    And then my cat would murder you're dog and I would take it and sell ti back to you for $200.

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