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Thread: Project: Alien Hospital

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    Step by step...
    To reassemble the case i need to get all the sidepanels done. 2 are done by now:

    This is the cover plate for the lower-left slot. I engraved the letters, and finished them with a modified schrewdriver, to scrape off the aluminum. The edges and corners are too small to finish with a engraving bit.

    Fitted in place. Almost done.

    Presenting you the finished sidepanel. The leds are aqua green, a mix of green with a little blue tint. looks nice in combination with the watercooling. Also a good contrast with red, and possible to combine with white.

    View on the rear.

    Up to the next panel:

    This panel receives a window, giving a direct view to the mainboard. Window sizes are matched with the other one.

    A.C.Ryan sponsored me (a couple years ago) 2 sheets of 2side mirror. Great stuff. I never had a casemod witch had a full potential for showing it. But Alien Hospital surely has! Without lights the window will look like a mirror, just like the polished parts on the other side.

    Together with the second panel

    And all the other panels

    Soon i want to finish the panel with the co2 cilinders. I need a control panel for lights and cooling. It will be placed somewhere over there. With nice lights and measuring probes, just like a medical instrument panel.

    I have made hundreds of drawings before and while building Alien Hospital. Now everything is more and more coming together i thought it would be nice to make some pictures of it. Texts are in dutch, and i dont know how to describe everything. Even tho i think its nice to see some sketches and plans witch are used in this casemod.... Or end up in the garbage can.

    My TBCS worklogs:

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    Default Re: Project: Alien Hospital

    I have forgotten all the awesome work you have done on this project. The entire mod is looking awesome, I can't wait to see more.
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