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    I absolutely love to drive ferraris and love their styles. So i am deciding to make a computer designed to resemble the ferrari. I need some ideas, as im a little uncreative. I do NOT care how much time, effort, or money i have to put into this. I have come to the best people on the best forum to help me out with this project. I know all of you are creative, and would love your insight on what i should do, and possibly some pictures and links. +rep for all

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    Dude, I am a Ferrari nut! I love those damned cars and support this project 100%. Plus when you and MDCS are finished with your Ferrari and Lamborghini mods, you can race?

    You need to come up with some rough ideas of what you would like it to look like in general and the we can chime in a little more. Or are you looking to build a comp that is a replica of the car?
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    First off, let me welcome you to the forums! You've come to the right place, everyone here is kind and eager to help.

    First, however, we need to get a bit of a background on you and your ideas. What kind of ideas were you thinking of? An all metal case? An all acrylic case? A case with windows and a paintjob? Are you interested in building a completely custom case or modding one?

    What kind of tools do you have available at your disposal, and what kind of experience do you have working with building things?

    If I come off as harsh I apologize, I'm simply asking lots of questions to build a background of what kind of mod you might want to get involved in.
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    i think another big question is what particular ferrari is your favourite? i for one love the enzo because of the technology put into it. carbon fibre chassis... that scores big points in my books.

    if you like the f50, then you probably want to go with sharp edges and plenty of oversized vents. if you like the f430, you probably want to have things smooth and flowing, and try to make any vents fit in better. and of course if you like the enzo then you have to do red and carbon fibre everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slug Toy View Post
    i think another big question is what particular ferrari is your favourite? i for one love the enzo because .....quote]

    Maybe also because there were like, 4 made in the world, lol. I know it was more than that, but there were not a lot made, that is for sure. I know ferrari kept a lot of them for whatever reason. It is still a very clean car, and very clean idea. I would love to see an enzo case mod, that would be sick. +rep!

    Especially if you can have the headlights of the Enzo on the front of the case; maybe put in some white LEDs.

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    i like your idea!! Ferrari rules! --> especially because i have finished my own ferrari mod a while ago.....:-) it´s done with a lot of carbon fibre and the original corso rosso paint....

    possibly some pictures
    here is a picture of it....maybe you´ll find some inspiration

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    Probably got lazy and brought himself one of the Enzo style cases that are floating around.

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