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Thread: Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

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    Ok so I pretty much have the Sketchup model for the Desk itself done here are some screen shots, now if anyone would like to point me in the right direction for a place to host the Sketchup file I would be happy to make it available to anyone who wants to build something similar.

    More coming soon.

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    Default Re: Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    Post it in Google 3D Warehouse.
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    Ah good call I will get it on there tomorrow.

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    I'm digging this. very cool!
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    Here is the desk sketchup file, I couldn't upload it to 3D warehouse for soem reason so its on feel free to post any questions or pm me.

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    OK guys sorry for the lack of updates, between work and Sketchup constantly crashing while I am finalising the desk design there hasn't been much to post. However I decided to start working on a different part of the build and also reorganize and clean up my office. So as I have said from the get go this desk is going to have a MW theme but other than a map I printed off there hasn't been much in the way of actual MechWarrior stuff done to the desk. Well not any more!

    Yes that is a custom made Mechwarrior Branding iron

    I would like to thank Bryan Phillips who built this for me. He does great work and is super fast. I hit him up with the idea for this last week then I got a hold of him today and told him I wanted to have it made he went over the artwork with me in chat at about 12:30 and he told me he would have it ready this afternoon :blink: seriously I had it in my hands around 6pm and I could not be happier. I also got to meet his 37 day old Emu Gerry who was awesome!

    Anyway on to the branding iron. Its 2.75 inches tall so it will fit on 2x4s and is made out of plasma cut steel and then welded together.

    Now could not resist trying it out when I got home so here are some teaser shots.

    I did a bunch of test runs on scrap pieces of 2x4 left over from the desk build and I think I am starting to get the hang of it.

    Here is one Bryan did at his shop as well.

    Once again I cannot recommend Bryans work enough he showed me some awesome Roman style armor as well as some futuristic armor from a popular video game franchise he is still working on. His rates are very reasonable and he is really patient when it comes to tweaking stuff to perfection. He can be contacted at RAPTORRED2@GMAIL.COM he also does 3D digital modeling please shoot him a email if you need anythign metal fab related and mention that I referred you, I know that this wont be the last piece of work i have him do on this or several other projects I have coming up.

    Now I plan on doing the actual branding on the desk this weekend and I am looking to the community for where I should actually place the branded logo. Please post or pm your suggestions and whichever suggestion is the best/makes the most sense I will go with (I may actually give the person who makes the best suggestion a prize aswell we will just have to see ) Two other things I am thinking about doing is videoing the branding process and posting it up for everyone to enjoy, the other thing is I am thinking about having Bryan make a branding iron for every company that decides to sponsor this build and dedicate a area of the desk to true Sponsor "Branding" so let me know what you think of that.

    Lastly I am hoping to cut and fit the lid to the PC enclosure so look for pictures and commentary on that. I am debating going over to videoing the build as it progress (thoughts?) Anywho thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!

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    Some updated Sketchup pictures, I will soon start the hunt for sponsors.

    Some of the PC cabinet (please remember the entire cabinet will be enclosed in aluminup with man and rad cutouts and access points ofr the Xbox 360, PS3 and surround sound head unit.) Also I will be using a square grid rubber coated wire mesh, the expanded metal in the imagies is just a place holder as it was already available.

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    Ok guys, small update. Due to the fact that my air conditioning is out of commission for the next day or 2 and it hit 90 degrees here today, starting a fire in my office to heat up the branding iron seemed like a ill advised idea. However we did get the top for the PC cabinet cut to size, whipped out some tubing to figure out routing and component placement. Good news is I am confident that we will be able to stick with the inverted trapdoor mounted PC concept and I will be finishing the sketchup model including tubing in the next couple of days. Final bit of news the desk build just (Ok mainly the MW branding iron) just got a mention in the No Guts No Galaxy Mechwarrior podcast. You can check it out at its a really great podcast and a must for any Mechwarrior/Battletech fan. Anywho expect a bigger update a little later in the week.

    Also right now I am still planning on using a Piano/continuous hinge but I am open to other options so if you know of another solution please post it up esp. if its exotic or overkill.

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    If you do not want to see the hinge I suggest going to your local hardware store to grab some hidden/concealed cabinet door hinges.

    Depending on which hinges you get as in how sturdy you may only need 3 or 4 to have more than enough support to lift up the wood and the PC, best thing is they can open 180 degrees and close to flush. This means you can work really easily on the pc.

    I would strongly recommend getting some gas hinges while you are at the hardware store it would be disastrous for you to accidentally drop down the computer and destroy everything. May need to be creative if you need to detach the gas hinges to work on the PC.

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    Default Re: Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    or something like this:

    Folding-Table Leg Braces #3&4 they kinda lock into place and support alot of weight. Not sure which would be better for you though.

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