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Thread: Promotions, Probation, and Staff

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    Default Promotions, Probation, and Staff


    When a user gets their second green reputation tile, they become a 'TBCS Regular'. The TBCS regulars get certain bonuses, such as:

    • Mailbox increases in size to 100.
    • Can set a Custom Title.
    • Can upload their signature image to the TBCS server.

    This is just a little thank you for being such a good citizen here at TBCS!


    If a moderator or administrator here at TBCS gives you a citation, you will find yourself on probation. This is only used when necesarry, and users on probation will suffer the following penalties;

    • Can no longer open or close their own threads.
    • Can no longer rate other's threads.
    • Cannot post polls.
    • Mailbox size becomes 50.
    • Cannot post events on the TBCS calendar.
    • Cannot set self to invisible.
    • Cannot use a custom title.
    • Uses loses all signature privileges.
    • User cannot use the reputation system.

    Any user under probation should conduct themselves very carefully, as continued disruptive behavior will lead to being permanently banned.

    The staff members of TBCS are shown by the little buttons under their names. Each member of the TBCS staff has a different role, but they're all friendly and approachable; this should help you decide who to direct your questions towards.

    - Crimson Sky, DaveW, OvRiDe, jdbnsn. These are the guys who run the website. Anything related to TBCS as a business should be sent to Paul Capello (Crimson Sky) by e-mail. Anything related to the website can be sent to any Administrator, but for a speedy response, check the 'who's online' list on the front page to see who's available.

    - Airbozo, Omega, SgtM, TheGreatSatan, Drum Thumper, gaz_the_chav: These guys keep the forums nice and clean, and will slap out citations and warnings to anyone crossing the lines. These guys can help you out with any forum related issues, such as renaming and moving threads. These guys also help to keep the SPAM away, and if they can't help, they can point you to someone who can!

    -Oneslowz28: Our very own Editor-In-Chief who assigns articles and reviews for our Journalists, proofreads, and finalizes the publishing process for the frontpage and other projects.

    - Bopher, blueonblack, Kayin, Datech, slaveofconvention: These guys create most of the worded content you see around the site.

    FrooP, XcOM, p0Pe: The graphic artists of TBCS that make the banners and other graphics for frontpage articles and other projects.

    Thanks to Gaz_the_Chav for giving me a wee start on this one! -Dave[/I]
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