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Thread: what connector is this ?

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    Default what connector is this ?

    can someone tell me waht the name of this connector, thanks

    its from a dvd rom that was in a compaq armada

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    Default Re: what connector is this ?

    Not sure of the specific name or model, but it should be a standard slimline connector.
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    Default Re: what connector is this ?

    It does not look like a slimline to me. Try removing those two screws. Under them you might be able to remove that connector to expose a standard slimline. I have seen a few laptops that have adapters like that one.

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    Default Re: what connector is this ?

    There looks like there may be a couple screws you can't see in the ends of that connector too - something else to check...

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    Default Re: what connector is this ?

    Just another reason to avoid buying Compaq, eh?
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    Default Re: what connector is this ?

    Like others said, it looks like a beefed up adapter for standard slimline IDE to me. Try taking out those screws and see what's there. for what it's called, I have no clue.
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