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Thread: My reservoir...

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    Default Re: My reservoir...

    That skull is awesome!!!!! Great work.
    Quote Originally Posted by Twigsoffury View Post
    measure for two days.
    cut once.
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    Default Done!

    It is done!!!
    One thing I want to mention. 'Member my original plan, to use an oxygen mask? Well, that was still the plan, but somehow, the mask in question had come up missing. So, in my searches for a replacement, I began eyeballing a gask mask I have. What? Everybody has a gas mask collection, right?

    Anyways a regular gask mask wouldn't work. Too much coverage, plus, while it is an adult size skull, it's just a skull, no face. Therefore regular mask wouldn't fit. Enter; child gas mask;

    A large (Size 3) child gas mask will work just fine.

    Cut, following the line that separates human/ machine side. I didn't want to cover the nose entirely, simply because I like the mesh

    Hose ran up, so that the smoke come out through the mask.

    Finished pics;

    (I kinda wanted to bring these hoses in at the wrist, but I'm worried about them eventually kinking.)

    Fill port for the smoker;

    And I leave you with this; my favorite pic. An action shot. You can see the smoke coming out of the mask, and the beam of light from the eye in the smoke.

    To those who followed this, thank you. I want to apologize for the hiatus during progress, which seems to be a matter of course for me, but I won't.
    So much good came out of taking a break. New materials, new processes, new ideas, all happen during time. Some of my best ideas have come to me while I actually wasn't even working. The only thing I will add, is a video of it in action in a little while. Thanks!
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    Default Re: My reservoir...

    Awesome work dude!!
    Quote Originally Posted by SXRguyinMA View Post
    Now, off to the basement to do some fiddling with the rods and such.
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    Default Re: My reservoir...

    Wow dude, that is some awesome work!

    And no, I did not see msmrx's post before I said that...stupid internet, sapping original responses....
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