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Thread: How do you guys type?

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    Default Re: How do you guys type?

    I use the home row. I'm on a mechanical keyboard now. Coolermaster Quick fire stealth. Decent keyboard. It's tough getting used to not having the 10 key.

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    Default Re: How do you guys type?

    A little webcam-playback-analysis shows that my hands fly all over the damned place in a manner which would utterly horrify my ancient typing teacher. "P" is sometimes pinky, sometimes I sort of pivot my hand and rotate the ring finger all the way out to the square brackets, sometimes my hand shifts a full key left or right as needed.

    Don't much care, I still sustain over 70wpm overall, with bursts up to 90wpm ... go with whatever works.
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    Default Re: How do you guys type?

    I recently realized that my typing technique was terrible. I never really put much effort into learning to touch type while in school. I just learned it through a lot of use. Thus my technique was less than optimal. I also made a large number of mistakes which is just poor form and not really acceptable.

    The big flaw I figured out is that I was very much imbalanced with a strong left hand. I've identified my right pinky as being physically weaker and I generally did not use it to type at all. Instead I'd shift my entire right hand to type.

    I've made an active effort in the past few months (summer of 2013 onwards) to improve my typing. I think the biggest thing I did which has had a fantastic improvement is I built a custom keyboard from a kit known as the ErgoDox and used Cherry MX-Blue switches. I'll post a review on this thing soon. This is very expensive for a keyboard (particularly if you consider the tools I bought to assemble it). However instead of the keys being staggered vertically like the standard keyboard layout they are all in a line. There is a slight horizontal stagger. The other big benefit to this keyboard is that the thumbs are used for much more than just the spacebar. I've also got a project in the works for a full matrix keyboard, which I'll start a log on here detailing the project and what I end up with.

    I now touch type and fully use the home row style. I do have a bit of trouble with regular keyboards, though the only one I use regularly is my rather mushy work keyboard. I do still make a large number of mistakes and am working to correct this.
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    Default Re: How do you guys type?

    [QUOTE=Snowman;379288]I'm not sure I could even use a dvorak keyboard.QUOTE]

    Buy an old QWERTY keyboard, pop the keys off and rearrange them into a Dvorak layout and try it out, it takes awhile but once you get it, you'll be hilariously fast at typing =)

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